10-12 April, 2018

2nd International Exhibition For Cold Chain&Temperature Controlled Logistcs

Exhibitor profile

  • Transport and freight forwarding services (road, maritime, air, rail)
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Ports and terminals
  • Reefer trucks, trailers, containers and transport units
  • Packaging and specialized storage systems
  • Manufacturers of specialized vehicle bodies (fixed and replaceable)
  • IT solutions and systems (cargo monitoring, tracking etc.)
  • Refrigeration systems, parts, maintenance and repair
  • Material handling equipment and storage, (forklifts, pallets, etc.)
  • Energy management and monitoring, alternative energy
  • Batteries, chargers and power supply
  • Fire and smoke protection
  • Pest control, chemicals and cleaning
  • Clothing and personal protection equipment
  • Real estate developers and construction materials suppliers (insulation materials, lighting, doors, air curtains, flooring, roofing, flexible walls, etc.)
  • Sector association, authorities and certifiers
  • Other services (insurance, finance, customs, legal, audit, R&D, etc.)