7-9 March, 2019

3rd International Exhibition For Cold Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistcs

Product Categories

Exhibitors of ColdChain Poland 2018 will present their products and services in the following categories:


Supply chain logistics:

- 3PL
- Contract logistics
- Logistics operators
- Warehousing and independent transport
- Warehouse and supply chain management systems
- Ports and reloading terminals
- Reloading equipment and storage systems (trolleys, shelves, etc.)
- Supply chain
- Refregiated products distribution
- Food safety
- Packaging and specialized storage systems
- Chemicals, cleaning, disinfection and protection against pests
- Industry associations, institutions and certification bodies
- Other cold chain services

Food transport:

- Transport and freight forwarding (road, sea, rail)
- Refrigerators, trailers, food tanks and containers
- Recorders and cargo monitoring systems
- Refrigeration systems, parts and maintenance
- It Solutions & Telematics
- Manufacturers of specialised vehicle installations (fixed and interchangable)
- Pallets and transport equipment


- Industrial refrigeration and refrigeration equipment
- Developers and suppliers of ready-made elements (insulation materials, lighting, doors, air curtains, floors, roofs, walls, etc.)
- Aggregates, batteries and power systems
- Security and fire protection systems
- Specialised clothing and footwear
- Temperature and humidity monitoring
- Systems for monitoring and management of electricity, alternative energy sources

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